Basil Anliker aka Baze

Rapping about life and death

Baze © Jonas Moser

Baze, a.k.a. Basil Anliker, was born in Bern in 1980 and is a veteran of the Swiss rap scene. In the dialect of Mani Matter, his strong voice and vivid lyrics tell stories of people on the edge, abrasive and yet also poignant. Baze is a member of various bands (Chlyklass, Boys on Pills, Temple of Speed and others) but is better known for his solo output, including his 2010 album “D’Party isch vrbi” (The Party’s Over) and especially 2017’s “Bruchstück” (Fragment), in which he breaks free from the shackles of rap. Drawing inspiration from the madness of everyday existence, he is a melancholy philosopher of life and death, a meticulous observer and a razor-sharp lyricist.

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