Sarah Chaksad

Sarah Chaksad (Luzern)

Musician and composer


Sarah Chaksad is a versatile musician, working as a saxophonist, orchestra director, composer, cultural manager and educationalist in a variety of musical contexts. Sarah Chaksad plays in a number of different-sized groups for which she composes the majority of the music. She is stylistically eclectic, bringing together elements taken from pop, hip hop, jazz and  latin rythms. In  April 2016 she recorded her first album with the  Sarah Chaksad Orchestra in the renowned Bauer Studios in Ludwigsburg, and the following November went on tour to present the CD. In 2017 she presented the WIDMOND CD  at the Basel Offbeat Jazzfestival and at the Schaffauser Jazzfestival.

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