Florian Walser

Florian Walser (Rüti) Folk musik

Chair of the Jury

Clarinettist in the Zurich Tonhalle Orchestra


Florian Walser worked on the publication of the Hanny Christen folk music collection.

He is the founder of the string and wind ensemble “D’Sagemattler” and the brass ensemble “eifachs.ch”, which perform traditional folk music from the 18th and 19th centuries as well as contemporary pieces, and is the initiator and artistic director of the “Stubete am See” festival of new Swiss folk music at the Tonhalle Zürich. From 2012 to 2014 he had been general manager of the Zentrum für Appenzellische Volksmusik (Centre for Appenzell Folk Music) in Gonten, where he was involved in archiving, research and education projects. Florian Walser has composed numerous works and arrangements for classical and folk music ensembles. Since 1990, Florian has been playing clarinet in the Zurich’s Tonhalle Orchester.

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